✄ DIY Retro ’50s Print T-Shirt ✄

Continuing my mini-series of t-shirt customisation projects (read the first instalment here!) – I’m now going to show you how to make a retro 1950s atomic print t-shirt! :)


What you’ll need

  • A plain white t-shirt
  • Blue fabric paint
  • A black fabric paint marker pen
  • A dense sponge/ foam
  • A ruler

What to do

  1. Iron the t-shirt and place it on a flat surface, with a plastic bag inside it (to stop the fabric paint leaching through into the back!)
  2. Cut out a few circles of sponge in different sizes
  3. Apply a generous amount of fabric paint to the sponge circles and apply to the t-shirt to make the basic polka-dot pattern
  4. Leave to dry overnight
  5. Using a ruler and fabric paint marker pen, draw the black intersecting lines of the pattern directly over the top of some of the blue spots
  6. Leave to dry overnight
  7. Fix the paint according to the instructions on the packaging (this usually involves ironing either directly onto the paint or through a thin towel for protection)

This is a really simple, but very rewarding, project. If you aren’t too keen on the ’50s atomic print, just use your imagination (or Google images!) to come up with your own designs – there is literally no limit to what you can create!

As always, share your thoughts and experiences of this DIY project in the box below. Good luck!

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